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We design and develop reliable, secure, scalable and efficient applications able to maximize the power of the cloud.

Advantages of cloud-native development on AWS

Cloud-native software is developed to make the most of the platform's scalability and high reliability. Deployed natively and made up of decoupled components, it can handle service disruptions, peak traffic or issues on any individual component plus it reduces complexity and operating costs, thereby simplifying and accelerating IT activities and maintaining the security level high.

Taking full advantage of the capabilities of cloud-native development requires an approach to software design, production and management different than in the past. Our job is to make the transition of your team and projects into the world of the cloud a simple and effective process by forming and defining the guidelines best suited to your requirements in line with cloud-native best practices.

Thanks to our experience with the AWS cloud, with DevOps practices like Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and with container systems like Docker, we develop cloud-native software from the ground up or work to incrementally adapt existing applications to the cloud. And we can do it either solo or together with your team.

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We help your company explore new possible development paradigms thanks to the cloud:

  • serverless or event-driven architecture
  • adoption of development paradigms with DevOps
  • integration of containerized systems for microservice architecture

In addition, we walk you through the process of integrating your software with the necessary and compatible Amazon Web Services, such as storage systems, highly scalable databases or code management systems. We support and train your developers and handle security and scalability issues, taking some of the workload off your team.

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