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We provide a standard and comprehensive ready-to-use offer that, at the same time, can be seamlessly customized and modified as needed.

Cloud infrastructure on AWS

A cloud infrastructure adds reliability and scalability to your applications, in order to handle traffic peaks, and enables you to rapidly and effortlessly create parallel development, test or disaster recovery environments.

You will be making effective use of the infrastructure-as-code expertise of our AWS Solutions Architects. They will be by your side in the design and requirement definition journey and deploy cloud infrastructure solutions for your application able to achieve higher economies of scale and integrate and support similar future projects in a simple and immediate way – and within time frames and at prices that won’t take you by surprise.

Developing an AWS infrastructure with Soluzioni Futura

We put our experience to use to provide, in a short time, comprehensive, highly efficient and reliable solutions that include:

  • Load Balancing and Auto scaling, to ensure highly reliable applications and to scale automatically based on traffic load
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline integrated with GitHub for an automated application release process
  • Logging and monitoring with metrics, dashboard and alarms
  • Multiple production, staging and QA testing environments
  • Autoscaling EC2 virtual machines or ECS containers
  • Database

This solution makes it possible to quickly deploy a complete, simple, accessible and ready-to-use infrastructure that, at the same time, can be completely customized to your requirements. With such a concrete and structured underpinning, we can dynamically adapt the infrastructure both during design and at a later time, by adding or removing features and services as needed.

Our infrastructure solutions are suitable for traditional applications (on EC2 virtual machines) as well as container-based applications with Docker and Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service), for any runtime (PHP, Java, Node.js or other) or webserver (NGINX, Apache2).

In addition, we create and set up your Amazon Web Services account with everything needed to safely operate the cloud on your own:

  • creation of AWS account user access permissions;
  • creation of networks and cryptographic keys for encryption of your data;
  • creation of logging and monitoring systems to constantly track the status of your applications;
  • creation of auditing alarms for access audits and control.

We work with your development team to integrate your applications with our CI/CD systems and the cloud infrastructure. We manage your infrastructure under dedicated support plans in order to ensure optimum operation of your software products in the cloud, minimize service user disruptions, and constantly help you keep costs down and reduce waste.

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With our product, you will have a complete, effective and working infrastructure with the features that are relevant for a successful project and the capabilities to host – and be used by – all the projects your evolving business will create in the future while keeping the volume of work at very low and cost-effective levels.

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