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We leverage the AWS suite of services to give you the capability to exploit the Internet of Things through an infinitely scalable number of interconnected devices, tailored to your specific needs.

Development of IoT solutions on AWS

To implement an IoT solution is to revolutionize your business so that it can utilize innovation and technological progress to the best of its potential.

Funds and incentives are made available each day by big companies and public organizations to drive IoT. We will help you invest them to the best advantage and step confidently into this world.

IoT can improve business processes in multiple ways:

  • Automation of production processes at your facility, creating a centralized point of control that can monitor the progress and operation of your machines as well as change their task and functionality – remotely and physically;
  • Integrated warehouse and inventory management, for automated storehouse reordering and storage processes, centralized control and reduced human error;
  • Data gathering, analysis and interpretation, for clear and simple reports in less time and with less chance of human error;
  • Migration to smart and remote office environments, interconnected but not confined to a particular physical location, enabling the business to leverage the cloud, be more efficient, and improve the lifestyle of its employees;
  • Smart farming with high-level automated management via interconnected sensors and devices that respond automatically based on external or timed events, for increased production efficiency and reduced human labor;
  • Centralized and remote monitoring of machinery and devices, to have the health and operations of the business always under control.

IoT devices managed with Soluzioni Futura

Using the cloud of Amazon Web Services, we offer a comprehensive IoT package that can manage connectivity with an infinitely scalable number of devices. The package includes

  • fully secure and encrypted connectivity, with dedicated security certificate for each device and revocation in the event of a breach;
  • fine-grained system of users and permissions, with different security policies;
  • possibility to update device software remotely;
  • web and mobile dashboard to monitor the fleet of devices
  • remote control of single devices or of simultaneous operations on the entire fleet
  • aggregation and logging of metrics, with fully configurable frequency and log retention
  • integration of data with the business’s software range, for analysis and BI

Our team of experts will work closely with your team to get a clear picture of your business needs, processes and technical characteristics of your devices, in order to model the image of the device in the cloud. Together we will identify the metrics that are useful to you, the software integrations, the devices, and the methods for managing the gathered data.

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With our comprehensive solution, you’ll have your infinitely scalable and secure IoT project running within a very short time frame and with the assurance of a successful result because the variables and unknowns associated with the technical implementation will be minimal.

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