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We provide the protection your cloud application needs with the firewall of the Amazon Web Service network, to keep your information and applications secure.

Web Application Firewall development on AWS

Amazon Web Services WAF is a firewall that protects Web applications and APIs on the cloud from threats that may affect application availability, compromise security or consume an excessive amount of resources.

With it, you can control how traffic reaches the applications and create standard or custom security rules that control traffic and block common attack patterns.

The benefits of implementing AWS's Web Application Firewall are countless:

  • Elevated protection against web attacks;
  • Time savings thanks to preset rules against common threats;
  • Improved web traffic visibility, in real time;
  • Easy firewall deployment and maintenance;
  • Easy monitoring, blocking and limiting of bots;
  • Protection integrated with the development of your applications.

Implementing AWS Firewall with Soluzioni Futura

Our goal is to walk you through the installation and configuration of your Web Application Firewall using the technologies provided by Amazon Web Services. Our team of experts will carefully assess your business, infrastructure and requirements to implement the services that are necessary and most suitable.

We focus on creating the most secure and best performing service to lower the risk of external attacks to your application (protecting your data and resources) and your security system’s operating costs. We will help you use generic rules or define your own to manage and control the traffic and bots to your applications.

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In addition, our experts will train your team about the rules for implementing WAF in your application software, enabling you to not only integrate security management directly into the code but also learn the AWS best practices, so that you can replicate them in your future products and safely deploy your applications in the cloud.

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