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We apply our AWS Consulting Partner expertise to deliver a professional, accurate and updated review of your design and development processes.

AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Applications developed using AWS architecture must keep their level of security, performance, resilience and efficiency high at all times.

To maintain this quality standard, the AWS Well-Architected framework describes the basic concepts, design principles and best practices to keep in mind when designing and working in the cloud. It is based on six pillars:

  • Operational excellence in terms of execution and monitoring of systems, with the aim of improving processes;
  • Security of information and systems, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data and efficient management of controls;
  • Reliable restoration of data through correct execution of workloads in terms of time, practices and coherence;
  • Performance efficiency and efficient use of the technologies and computing resources, with correct allocation of resources;
  • Cost and resource optimization through targeted investments and choice of the best services for the purpose;
  • Sustainability and reduction of the environmental impacts of cloud workloads.

AWS WAFR with Soluzioni Futura

Our job is to apply the AWS best practices and key concepts of the pillars to your application and business.

We will make a detailed analysis of your workloads, their distribution and level of efficiency. We will provide you with a clear and detailed report of any anomalies found in the architecture and a list of the practices required to solve the issues, including your investment in time and money. And we will help you define the priorities in order of importance.

We will help you shift decision-making, design and production processes toward the development of a method that will enable your development team to ultimately save time and money while increasing workload efficiency. We will provide concrete, fact-based improvement plans geared toward monitoring and improving work processes and designed to be repeatable in your next projects, which will be ready to use the cloud correctly.

We proactively follow the ongoing evolution of AWS so that we can always provide up-to-date and reliable advice, enabling you to have cloud applications and infrastructure in line with the most recent AWS standards.

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