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We support deployment and management of a cutting-edge development approach like DevOps, designed to improve the lifecycle and processes of your applications

DevOps development on AWS

DevOps is an approach involving a set of practices aimed at improving software lifecycle and design and development processes. By standardizing release processes, the frequency of releases is increased, human errors minimized and operating costs reduced.

Using a set of reliable and certified skills grounded on the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we train your team and ensure they master the DevOps approach to cloud application development.

Applying and integrating the DevOps development model to your design and development process can bring many advantages to many aspects of your business:

  • Speed: more agile processes, enabling you to adapt to changes better and become more innovative and efficient while minimizing the volume of work and chances of error
  • Rapid deployment: frequency of releases increased with a standardized process
  • Reliability: control over the quality of your application updates and releases
  • Scalability: management of the infrastructure and processes at scale by relying on standardization and automation
  • Improved collaboration: more efficient, collaborative and accountable teams
  • Security: automated policies and fine-grained controls to preserve the security standard

The DevOps approach with Soluzioni Futura

Our goal is to supply separate and repeatable production, staging, testing and Q&A environments, an automated production process, and release systems with integrated test suite to optimize time, reduce human error and minimize user disruptions.

We integrate Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines into your applications to manage releases automatically, from the commit on version control systems (GitHub) to your virtual or container machines, for traditional or microservice applications. We work closely with your team, providing training on version control systems (Git) and automated software build and deployment systems, and creating and managing the automatic tests for your applications.

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With our help, your technical team can keep their mind off distractions and focused on what’s important: the software development process. Less time will be invested acquiring a great deal of specific knowledge about the cloud or how to solve release issues – of secondary importance to your business – with the added advantage that your personnel recruiting and hiring process will be simpler.

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