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We build a structured offering for any situation by putting together the AWS services best suited to your unique application needs and context.

Take advantage of AWS Professional Services with Soluzioni Futura

Reaping the full benefits of the cloud requires expertise in the field. As an AWS Consulting Partner, we put to use our professional knowledge and competence to quickly deliver a solution fit for the purpose, searching the best combination from the broad range of AWS services. Our AWS Solutions Architectscertified team will follow the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected framework to ensure you get the most efficient and reliable solution that will reduce your costs and maximize resources, all in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of AWS services

Amazon Web Services is the leading global cloud platform and the advantages of adopting and deploying the right combination of these services in your organization are undeniable:

  • Flexibility: AWS makes it possible to choose from different types of operating systems, programming languages, web application platforms, databases and other services, to meet specific needs;
  • Reliability: AWS adopts a comprehensive approach to security that ensures the infrastructure is reliable not only from a physical and operational viewpoint but also at software level;
  • Cost-effective: AWS offers multiple price plan options that can be customized based on resources used and computing power;
  • Scalability: AWS services like Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing allow scaling the application to ensure resources match actual requirements.

Our job is to make your use and navigation of the cloud simple and smooth. Our AWS Solutions Architects will walk you through the process to enable you to take full advantage of the wide-ranging possibilities that AWS offers. They will identify the services that fit your needs and create the solution best suited to your software.

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Grounded on our personal experience as developers and on AWS best practices, our unique approach aims at minimizing waste of resources by automating repetitive actions and allows building the service package that is right for you. We start off from specific and standardized sets and can then add or remove services as the project progresses, from design to post delivery, to increase functionalities and give you a product that is always relevant to your evolving business.

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