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How we work

We provide tech companies and startups with world-class teams of software engineers to accelerate their path to success. We thrive on working with talented founders on promising projects. Our goal is to provide you with the team of your dreams, lead by principal engineers with domain-specific knowledge in your field, to confidently hit challenging milestones and achieve ambitious goals.


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  • What does a typical engagement with Soluzioni Futura look like?

    We work with great tech companies and startups from all over the world. Our customers are usually early stage, promising startups led by great founders.
    Our goal is to accelerate your company by providing you with a world-class team led by principal engineers with domain-specific knowledge in your vertical, understand your goals and requirements such as roadmap and important milestones, and start delivering results.
    We know hiring exceptional talent and building a well-coordinated team requires time and effort: our approach aims to provide you with a strong foundation to hit your goals while you work to build your tech team.
    Because of this, we typically accommodate engagements with a monthly retainer and defined end date, rather than a defined deliverable with a fixed price: we know for tech companies and startups, priorities can shift rapidly and important decisions happen daily. Our aim is to accompany you through the journey as the internal tech team of your dreams would and start working right away, rather than spending months drafting arbitrary project requirements that may become out of date in a matter of weeks.

  • Where is Soluzioni Futura based?

    Soluzioni Futura is an Italian company empowering customers all around the world.
    While our offices are based in Italy, we have a "Work from anywhere" policy.
    Instead of hiring contract developers for short-term engagements, we cultivate a talented and well-coordinated team, building long-term relationships over several years and multiple projects.

  • Are you an AWS partner?

    Yes, we are an AWS Advanced Partner and have been working with AWS since 2014. Our expertise lies in scalable infrastructure for high-performance web applications, focusing on infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi) for automation.
    We help companies implement secure, compliant infrastructure with automatic Disaster Recovery capabilities, hybrid cloud setups with on-premise workloads, and multi-region distributed systems.

  • What is your technology stack?

    We specialize in working with tech companies and startups, constantly evolving our technology stack to stay at the forefront of industry trends.
    For web projects, we use TypeScript with Node.js for backends and React or HTMX for frontends. For mobile projects, we primarily use React Native and native code when appropriate.
    Technological choices are negotiated with the customer based on the project's requirements and industry vertical. We extensively use Python and Django for AI, ML, and data science projects, and Go for distributed systems projects. We also have experience working with large PHP codebases.
    Our expertise spans both monolithic and microservices architectures, including event-driven pub/sub systems and gRPC systems (request/response or streaming).

  • Are you hiring?

    Yes! Presently we have the following open positions:

    • Frontend Developer (React, HTMX)
    • Senior Frontend Developer (React, HTMX)
    • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (AWS)

    To submit your application, please reach out to