Web Applications in the Cloud

Soluzioni Futura delivers advenced web hosting solutions for distributed workloads, high-availability and fault-tolerance, development and consulting for Cloud-native applications.

Why Cloud hosting

Cloud infrastructure has all the benefits of a real data center, based anywhere in the world, with no investment in infrastructure and without the time and complexity of building a data center: the infrastructure becomes available in minutes the way you had it architected and configured, and you pay for the computing resources for the time you actually employ them.

Cloud infrastructure can be scaled rapidly according to your needs, based on web traffic or computationally heavy scheduled operations. Above all, Cloud infrastructure is the key driver to reduce the time and price for oeprations and allows for better automation of your data center; it is possible to do maintenance operations with no downtime and build well-architected solutions for business continuity needs or disaster recovery in way less time and at a lower price compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

Soluzioni Futura will migrate your applications and infrastructure to the Cloud, architecting solutions to share file systems among clusters of machines, replicate data or balance load across different Cloud data centers or geographic regions at a network or application level.

Our hosting solutions also include proactive monitoring to quickly debug system errors or application errors which might compromise software operations; we will also deliver reports with information about the uptime of applications and infrastructure, metrics with data related to the resource usage and logs with data related to system access or intrusion attempts.

Thanks to Cloud hosting, Soluzioni Futura can operate on the client's infrastructure rapidly by changing instances or configuring network appliances anywhere in the world; also, most of the infrastructure orchestration and operations are software-automated. This way support calls are reduced and any problem can be solved quickly and with no associated transfer costs. It's possible to architect fault-tolerant solutions across multiple geographically-separated data centers with sharing or synchronous replication of data, or high-availability solutions with periodic replication of data across different regions.

Applications and microservices

The Cloud is the ideal environment to employ microservices which can scale independently and operate in a distributed manner: a Cloud-first application can scale its individual components according to workload, employing for each different function or process the most appropriate data persistency solutions; this also allows for seamless operation, backup and maintenance upon each individual component minimizing the disruption typically associated with tight coupling, reducing times for data restore or application delivery and integration.

By going Cloud-native, every application function is associated with a microservice with its own runtime environment, which can scale independently and employ its own data persistency systems; these microservices employ REST APIs for communicating with other applications in the system or with clients like websites, mobile applications, admin panels or other APIs.

Our firm offers microservices migration consultancy and development, tailoring each Cloud project on the client's needs, employting state of the art technology and industry-standard Cloud and development best practices.

Let us study together the best solution for your case