Infrastructure as a Service

Soluzioni Futura provisions IT resources according to the client's needs in terms of hardware, security standards, network configuration and SLA requirements.

Our firm can engineer real data centers in the Cloud with public web servers, private networks for applications or databases, firewalls and direct connectivity or VPN solutions.

The client's Cloud data center can be hosted anywhere in the world and it will be distributed between multiple physical data centers connected by optical fiber networks with less than 10ms latency for high availability, disaster recovery or workload distribution.

Soluzioni Futura designs che data center architecture and starting configuration for the client;

Soluzioni Futura realizza l’architettura del data center e la sua configurazione iniziale per il cliente; la fornitura del servizio si può configurare in due modi:

Fully managed
The client's infrastructure is hosted on our own Amazon Web Services account

The infrastructure is going to be hosted on an AWS account owned by the client, which we will provide to create if it's not present, and we will configure it in compliance to industry standards and best practices. Infrastructure costs will be billed directly by AWS to the client according to their pricing policies. We will provide the client with consultancy services on the best ways to handle the infrastructure in terms of security, cost optimization and we will provide assistance in application deployments, implementation of new IT projects and provide services such as system administration and upkeep management.

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