Cloud migrations

All migration projects are different. Choosing a good partner is extremely important for the success of any technology project.

Soluzioni Futura migrates applications and infrastructure to the Cloud using a conceptual framework which accounts for several factors, analyzed specifically for each client.


Cloud computing can be a great opportunity to save money for enterprises, by provisioning infrastructure according to an enterprise's needs, depending on application workload variations or applications' operative windows. During a Cloud migration project we calculate the costs for the migration project and the operation costs related to the post-migration infrastructure, with special attention for TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), CapEx and OpEx.


We plan our migration projects to minimize time to market and consultancy billable hours, to reduce intervention times for support calls or application implementations, to reduce the client's time to market and the time required for new deployments. When we work on mission-critical production applications, we work together with the client's IT department to develp the best, safest strategies to reduce or minimize downtime and friction during migrations.


Every migration project is accompanied by an infrastructure security assessment; the client's Cloud infrastructure will be planned according to best practices and industry standards and it will be tested for possible vulnerabilities. We will discuss security requirements with the client both for infrastructure and applications. We will study the best security practices along with the client's IT staff to guarantee system integrity and security.


Every migration project carefully considers the opportunity for migrating each component in the client's infrastructure; the order in which infrastructure and applications are migrated, or the way the are migrated, is studied according to the project's objectives and the client's Cloud level of adoption. Usually new projects, test and development environments are migrated first, followed by backups and data, especially those who benefit the most from Cloud features like off-site replication or easy redundancy; mission-critical applications are usually migrated last.

Let us study together the best solution for your case