Cloud backups

We engineer backup solutions in the Cloud to maximize data durability, especially for clients with specific data storage compliance requirements like off-site periodic or synchronous replication or compatibility with the EU Data Protection Directive.

We provide backup solutions with off-site synchronous replication which allow for on-premise caching, HTTPS connections and periodic snapshots for which frequency and retention can be configured according to the clients needs.

Our solutions are fully compatible with most standard backup and replication enterprise software and they don't require purchasing additional licenses, software or dedicated hardware.

Clients pay only for the space their data occupies and it can be scaled from a few gigabytes to several petabytes transparently.

It is possible to replicate your own on-premise infrastructure from a Cloud backup to your own virtual data center in the Cloud with the following goals:

Disaster recovery
By backing up your data we can engineed disaster recovery solutions with target RPO and RTO; this way if a client's own on-premise infrastructure stops working it is possible to replicate the same functionalities in the Cloud and guarantee business continuity.

By replicating the software VMs data in the Cloud it is possible to migrate applications rapidly, with low costs and no downtime for the client's personnel or users.

Let us study together the best solution for your case