Cloud based consultancy
and operative solutions

Our job is to provide our clients with innovatie solutions which will translate to new business opportunities, cost cuts, faster time to market and an improvement in application security and uptime

Our Cooperative

Soluzioni Futura is a cooperative firm whose job is to fulfill IT projects for enterprise clients.

We employ the latest Cloud computing technologies to provider our clients rapidly and efficiently with solid IT solutions at a competitive price; our solutions are tailored for the modern enterprise ecosystem and designed to uphold high security standards.

Soluzioni Futura is an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner; AWS is the global Cloud computing leader with over 1 million clients in 190 countries all over the world, with data centers in every continent, designed according to the best industry standards.

Our firm consists of sys admins specialized in highly available IT infrastructure, fault-tolerant solutions and disaster recovery, developers specialized in producing cloud-first, distributed, highly scalable applications and solution architects specialized in delivering Cloud projects and designing solutions for complex enterprise problems employing the most appropriate technologies.

Soluzioni Futura delivered over 20 IT projects for as many clients over the last two years, mainly IT firms, government institutions, utility companies and service providers.


In Soluzioni Futura we care about technology and innovation and we strive to provide our clients with the best IT solutions available on the market. For this reason all of our employees undergo continuous training both under the guidance of the company and as a personal effort.

The Amazon Web Services Cloud

Cloud comuting is the latest paradigm in IT: big cloud providers are building data centers all around the world, achieving global economies of scale. These data centers are used to provision IT infrastructure or services to clients. Soluzioni Futura is an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner. AWS is the leader among Cloud providers and it sets the standard for other technology vendors. AWS data centers are built according to the most stringent industry standards and they protect the data of companies of any trade or size.

As a Consulting Partner, Soluzioni Futura helps enterprises who want to migrate either infrastructure or applications in a fast and secure manner to the Cloud, or both; our migration practices hold in great regard both industry standards the client's specific needs.

Soluzioni Futura is made by professionals specialized in Cloud computing, directly certified by Amazon Web Services; we employ a policy of continuous training for our personnel both inside the company and through external institutions with proven competency in Cloud computing.